Posted by on February 17, 2017

Having a beautiful kitchen is every wife’s dream. However, when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen a lot of people get carried away and lose the initial concept. It then ends up looking like a cluttered mess in a less than well thought out kitchen design.

To make sure that you have the chic and spacious kitchen that you have always wanted, you will need to follow a few simple guidelines when setting it up. The five guidelines are mentioned below:

Have appliances built in

One of the most effective tricks when it comes to making your kitchen look bigger and spacious is to make sure that you have the appliances built in. this built in technique gives the entire kitchen area a very organized look and can therefore give you more space on your counter.

Lay off the bulky appliances

The next thing that you can make sure to do is lay off the bulky appliances. Choosing sleek kitchen appliances will not only, again, save your work space, but it will also keep your kitchen the chic and modern look you were after

Concentrate on lighting

Lighting is one of the most underestimated factors when it comes to making sure any area looks the way that you want it to. Choose a mix between ambient and natural lighting to make sure that the lights in your kitchen workspace does not only make the area look nice but also serves the overall purpose.

Choose light colours

When choosing colours for your pantry cupboards and / or your kitchen top, always make sure to choose light colours. Dark colours, no matter how good the lighting is will always appear to look as if there is a shadow looming.

Use artwork

Do not underestimate what the use of art can do for a room. Use bright and simple artwork to tie the entire room together. Make sure that they are placed in areas that are bare and not over crowded areas or between the areas of the inbuilt appliances. This will make the area look even more crowded.

Do not clutter

Make sure that you do not clutter the worktop with too many appliances / pans etc. Allocate a place or a cupboard as storage for them so they can be used when required.

Once you have made sure that you have followed these simple steps, you will soon notice that your kitchen area looks like one of those taken out of a magazine.